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Secure Document Destruction (Shredding) Services

Sensitive information in a company needs to be securely protected not just at the time of creation but destruction as well. A lot of security breaches occur at the time of document disposing if it is not destroyed properly.

Document destruction process

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This is the quickest and most secure way to destroy all confidential and sensitive documents. These include customer files, medical records, marketing strategies, financial/bank statements, classified documents, R&D Information, personnel and payroll records, and government documents.

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After the material is finely shredded, a large amount of water is added along with other chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, and sodium silicate to break down and separate the fibers of the paper and create a pulp.
The pulp is then passed through a series of screens, and a centrifuge-like process to remove larger contaminants such as paper clips, staples, tape, and plastic films that were included in the recovered paper.

We offer businesses the most effective and cost-efficient records destruction, disposal, and recycling programs, on-site and off-site. Following the process of shredding, the client receives a Certificate of Destruction confirming completion of the request and final disposition of the batched information.

StockHolding DMS ensures strict control in its third-party document destruction services such that there exists no way by which the original and replicated copies of these documents under its care remain in physical format.