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Physical Record Management Services

Many organizations have to preserve physical records for auditory and legal compliances. Typically, such documents have to be stored for years in a way that restricts their deterioration.

Few features of Physical Record Management Service include :

Storage options :

physical record management solution 1

Bin Storage or Compactor Storage

Bin Storage is typically used to store highly confidential and critical records. Documents which are of ‘non-creatable’ nature are stored in such safe vaults in a lock and key mechanism.
Bins can withstand extremely high temperatures which makes them as undisputed and most preferred choice for all the NBFC’s, Banks, Housing finance companies, etc.

physical record management solution 2

Metal Cartons

SDMS is the only origination in India that has an “All Metal” policy PAN India. The Galvanized steel cartons offer higher level of safety and security as compared to a traditional corrugated or paper carton. These Being fire and water resistant is the most preferred storage option for clients who seek a budgeted option.