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StockHolding Document Management Services Limited (StockHolding DMS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited,

which is a single window provider to the financial services sector in India. StockHolding DMS has been incorporated in the year 2006 with the objectives of providing end to end technology services to the financial services sector in the following areas.

StockHolding DMS operates from its head offices at SHCIL HOUSE, Mahape, Navi Mumbai, along with 180 other offices. The principal business service provided by StockHolding DMS is Document Digitization & Record Management and the company.

What is Document Management System?

A DMS or Document Management System is sometimes known as the File Management System. It can specifically help you to manage the retrieval, storage versioning and also approval of your business documents. Again, a document is mainly defined as information that is stored on paper as a scanned image or electronically which may again subject to revision. Specifically, the Document Management applies to the management of business documents and also images throughout their lifecycle. In this regard, sometimes, the documents are stored for years and also, they can be deleted after a short time frame. For this, it is essential for you to find a DMS which is customizable to your specific requirements, affordable and is very easy to use.

Today, there is the availability of multiple Document Management Systems and you will need to make sure that they have the required specifications which are unique to your needs. So, you should essentially start your search by looking for some of the feature that is listed below, which will help you to determine what to look for in a DMS or Document Management System.

Importance Of The Document Management Services

The modern technology has preferably made it possible to store millions of documents on a single component. In this regard, even millions of documents are stored in the average home computer. But, many of the people are not capable of converting all these paper documents into a digital format. It is not that tough job as anybody who is computer literate can easily scan the documents and also save them to a hard drive. Whenever it comes to proper scanning of the documents, there is more to it than simply saving the scanned document copies. So, there are many of the best advantages of using these professional document management systems. They are preferably able to manage the documents in accordance with the exact business requirements.

Along with that, they can also possibly ensure that specific documents can only be accessed by those employees who have the authorization to do so. As a result, this helps to completely eliminate the threat of sensitive information ending up in the hands of the wrong people. So, whenever, there is the usage of professional services, it certainly makes the retrieval of the documents very easy and quick. Another advantage is that the out of date documents will be available no longer. The digital documents are specifically bound to be more accurate as they have the ability to edit and also collaborate on the specific process of document creation. Therefore, a good document management system involved in providing the necessary tools for editing, creating and collaborating on the documents. This helps to reduce inaccuracies and also ensure quality.

Important Features That Are Needed In A Document Management System

Most of the people in these days are preferably making use of the Microsoft Word, looking for a DMS which are based on a similar environment. Along with that, it will be much easier to navigate and also learn. There are usually some of the Document Management Systems which can only be accessed by the authorized personnel and so, it is considered to be a must feature. In this regard, all that you need is to find a web-based DMS which has the particular feature of document search. It generally allows you to search online for the purpose of retrieving, finding and also revising your documents in real-time. You may find that a ‘pay-per-use’ methodology is used in a DMS that works for you and it also mainly depends on how many times you will need to manipulate your data. This particular pricing model will be very cost-effective for most applications. Also, a DMS should allow the users to properly edit the existing documents which are in the system or create completely new documents.

Document Management Software

Some years back, usually document management software was not considered to be a very common centerpiece on the computer systems of a particular organization. There is also the presence of thousands of new and also innovative pieces of document management software for you to choose from. So, it becomes very much confusing to choose what really works best for your company. Usually, the below-mentioned fundamentals are offered by most of the document management software. In this regard, you will also have your own needs and also musts that the particular software will need to offer. But, sometimes, it is very much easy to get lost among all the whistles and also bells which are being offered by different kinds of software out there.

Top Things

Improve Productivity

It helps in the improvement of productivity and a majority of the people is seeking out good quality document management software for the improvement of the productivity of staff. It generally can be helped by possessing a good piece of software on your side. This is because all your specific documents are stored in one central database and they are considered to be very easy to search through and also locate.

Be Simple To Use

It is very simple to use and powerful. But, there is the presence of a variety of options out there.

In this way, it is particularly evident from the above section that you can choose to buy some of the affordable document management software. Apart from that, there is also the presence of many best document management solutions.

Stockholding DMS provides a variety of products and services like;

  • Document Management System
  • Electronic Document Management System
  • Record Management System
  • Workflow Management System
  • Stockholding CRM
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Land Acquisition / Allotment System
  • Property Asset Management
  • Property Asset Management
  • Physical Record Management Solutions
  • Digitization Services
  • Secure Document Destruction Services
  • Hosted Service
  • Virtual Data Room
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