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Record Management Solution (RMS)

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Document Record Management Services (EDRMS)

Record management is a key organizational function across industries. Each and every department is inundated with a high volume of records that need to be managed and stored effectively to meet corporate guidelines. Be it for an audit or to maintain compliance, there are numerous processes within an organization that require voluminous records. An effective record management solution can help improve business productivity and grow successfully.

Scope of a record management solution

Record management solution uses pre-defined rules to fully automate various processes engaged in maintaining records – from creation to final disposition. This solution helps an organization automatically perform the following tasks.

  • Declare documents as records.
  • Place events and holds on records.
  • Destroy and dispose records from the system.

Benefits of a record management solution

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Automates record maintenance

Employees do not need to focus valuable time and effort on mundane record management tasks but instead use their skills to help the company progress.

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Provides a holistic view

Instead of looking at each file or document independently, managers can view an entire record seamlessly with the help of this software. This helps create better records and promotes transparency in record-keeping.

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Helps with maintaining compliance

Numerous industry guidelines and standards are set for organizations to follow without which they can be faced with penalties, fines. An organized record management software helps check for compliance and important records easily.