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Hosted Document Management Services

Several businesses lack the necessary infrastructure to host all their files securely. This could lead to massive data breaches and compromise company workflow and integrity.

Using a hosted service, such as the one provided by StockHolding DMS, equips companies with all services required to host files securely. This is particularly beneficial for customers as the said service takes care of the entire infrastructure pertaining to the efficient management of all the customer’s documents. The documents are hosted at the servers located at our Head Office.

Features of our data centre :

host 1

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) installed and backup generator.

host 2

Fire control equipment with automated triggering functions.

host 3

24-hour security and monitoring facilities.

host 4

Air conditioning to maintain optimum operational environment.


Equipped with server hardware, cables, routers, switches and racks to form a robust internal network infrastructure.


ISO 27001 certified.