Shredding Services - Document & Paper Shredding Services in Mumbai, India


StockHolding DMS offers a full range of confidential and certified information destruction services to help you ensure that your company’s confidential information is disposed of safely, securely, and responsibly. Our hands free operation adds another level of security to the destruction.
Following the process of shredding, the client receives a Certificate of Destruction confirming completion of your request and final disposition of the batched information. StockHolding DMS offers document destruction process at client site as well. StockHolding DMS allows your business to obtain the most effective and cost efficient records destruction, disposal and recycling programs.
StockHolding DMS ensures strict control in its third party document destruction services such that there exists no way by which the original and replicated copies of these documents under its care remain in physical format.
StockHolding DMS employs three principal means to dispose of documents that are under its care.

  • Shredding
  • Pulping
  • Burning or incineration


Shredding has the advantage of being portable and easily available and is often an economical option. Shredding offers an Eco – Friendly alternative for the disposal of the said paper documents.
The process of Shredding takes into consideration the following aspects:

  • To protect their customer privacy issues and prevents identity theft.
  • To protect their company and shareholders by safeguarding proprietary trade information.


Pulping reduces paper to liquid slurry before reusing it in post-consumer products. Pulping ensures the recycling of the said documents by returning it into a reusable form for paper manufacturing.

Burning Or Incinerat

Incineration is the process of controlled burning of Documents such that it produces the least pollution thus ensuring a faster large scale destruction of the records.