Physical Records Management System | Document Storage System


One of the foremost services provided by StockHolding DMS is the Robotic storage in Mahape and Metal Carton storage facility for management of client’s records available across 21 branch locations in India. By incorporating modern techniques of storage like regulated air flow, temperature control, humidity control and pest control, the physical storage service is able to provide the customers with long lasting solution to document storage. Thus the significant documents stay secure and safe. StockHolding DMS also provides safe pick and drop service of documents at client’s end.
StockHolding DMS currently differentiate storage facility into the following three classes that are briefly explained in the succeeding sections.

  • Bin Storage.
  • Secure Storage using Robotic Service.


StockHolding DMS is using high quality bin storage for the storage of the document. The documents are kept in systematic manner so that they are easy to retrieve. Bin storage is the most efficient and secures way of storing the document. StockHolding DMS is offering its Bin Storage facility in all its branches.


StockHolding DMS has created the new state of the art infrastructure in Mahape, Navi Mumbai with automated robotics system for handling the valuable documents of client.
With this system we have achieved zero manpower intervention in handling process.
The documents placed in the automated system remains safe due to the Temperature, Humidity and Pest controlled environment.
The benefit of Process automation is that it provides improved Security along with faster retrieval.