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Record Management Solution (RMS)

Record management System (RMS) is an application which stores, tracks and retrieves the required Records in an Organized manner. In doing so, it secures the storage and retrieval of Records. RMS enables the clients to control costs, reduce risks, improve access and protect information.
RMS manages to organize the Record Handling Capabilities of the Client, thereby allowing the client to concentrate on its core business while RMS manages all Records related issues.

Record Management Solution consists of the following 3 major processes:


Inwarding is the process of accommodating the Records from the Clients into the Custody. Inwarding involves the process of allotting a unique Serial Number/ Barcode on each docket. This enables the monitoring of the Records within the custody.


The Inwarded documents are kept in the Custody where the files/ Documents are preserved in a controlled Environment.



Once the document has to be retrieved by the client, RMS invokes the Withdrawal Stage and the document is returned to the client.
The Workflow has the following Modules



RMS - Electronic Record Management System Services & Solutions