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Electronic Document Management System & Solutions (EDMS)

EDMS (Electronic Document Management Solution) is a suite of powerful electronic DMS products with rich features for archiving, managing, indexing and retrieving documents. EDMS comprises of products/tools for Digitization, Scanning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Image Conversions, Electronic Workflow Management, Document Archival, Advanced Search and Email Data Management.
EDMS allows users to electronically store, locate, filter, retrieve, share and track document based information. EDMS can reduce cost and minimize errors with respect to the Document Handling facility of the Client. Thus increasing the profitability of the organization.

Following are some of the features of EMDS:-

  • Windows and web based application
  • Import and export multiple file formats.
  • Active documents, Rich Media, Images Handling.
  • Web Based User Interface.
  • Extended Audit Trails.
  • OCR Settings - View for Scanned/OCRed Text.
  • Import Engine for integration with other business systems.
  • User comments.
  • Area Blocking.
  • Several levels of user Restrictions.
  • Data Backend – client’s choice.
  • Desktop based scan engine.
  • Universal driver support.
  • Configuring scanning source
  • Scanner selection.
  • Configuring Meta-Data-Name, Fields, Tags.
  • Image enhancement Settings and Standard Image Processing
  • Batch import of electronic document and directories, Email Import.
  • Standard Exports – Image, Index, PDF, File System Export.
  • Batch Creator module, Replicator module, Sort module.
  • Digital Signatures

What Are The Importance Of Using Electronic Document Management Systems?

An electronic document management system is considered to be a computer-based system whereby the software tools are mainly used to process, capture, index, retrieve, store, distribute and also dispose of the documents. These particular documents may be in the form of word processing documents, spreadsheets, multimedia files and also the like.

What Is Included In An Electronic Document Management System?

An electronic document management system preferably includes the capturing of the documents through barcoding, scanning and also optical character recognition, maintaining workflow management by the control of an orderly flow of the documents along with the distribution of the documents across departments and also individuals.

Usually, many of the processes of document management systems are included in the electronic document management software. This also allows the documents to be captured and stored in the form of graphical images.

The software can be run on a personal computer and also networked by using the existing network of the company. It also allows instant access to documents which enhances collaboration with respect to sharing of the information among office and departments and thereby ensuring security to records and files.

Importance Of Electronic Document Management System

A user can generally create a document, attach graphical images and also index the document along with the attachment by using this particular software. All users who have a security clearance, irrespective of their geographical location can easily later access any information on the document.

Subsequent changes and also modifications that are made thereafter are again stored along with the original document with the other users and they can view as a complete file. Specifically, an electronic document management system ensures against misplacement or loss of files.

This is mainly due to the provision of an online security system. It is also involved in making disaster recovery easy. So, it is due to the possibility of the external storage of information. Additionally, this particular software also provides control over the users who can easily access, view and forward any documents.

An electronic document management system is considered to be more cost-efficient than paper based document management. Along with that, it also saves costs on office space, papers, file cabinets and personnel for the maintenance of the files.

Important Components Of An Electronic Document Management System


It is known to be an important EDMS component. So, it would include both Wide Area Networks along with the Local Area Networks. Also, these are very important for the connection of several EDMS components.


The servers are known to be another EDMS component. So, these are mainly considered to be virtual systems that servers as hosts and are involved in dividing the system operations. In this regard, both the departments along with tasks may be specific servers.

So, it contributes to making the operation much more organized. At the same time, these particular servers are also linked for faster and easier sharing of the information.


In an EDMS, there are specifically three software assessment levels of which the first one is considered to be functionality. So, in this regard, the EDMS operations will contribute to undergo scrutiny.

Another assessment point is known to be the administration. Ultimately, the interface is assessed. The particular interface must be user-friendly as the goal of the EDMS is to facilitate the day to day operations of the business which will make them easier, faster and more convenient.


It is very important for the electronic document management system to possess a very big storage capacity. This is just because the particular system specifically acts as a repository for all the documents, files along with the data of the company. Within the particular system, both the backups along with the archived information should be stored well.

But, always, you should look for the best company that will effectively do the electronic document management for you.

Therefore, the electronic document management is considered to be much more than simply scanning as well as saving. So, this comprehensive system always provides knowledge to the workers so that they can distribute and also organize important documents across the particular organization for the better use specifically within the day to day operations.

Along with that, the electronic document management system also contains the main important tool that helps to secure documents, store and access information, create digital files and convert the paper-based documents into digital ones. It also aids in easy sharing of the essential digital documents specifically with the right workers.

Electronic Document Management System | EDMS Solutions