EDMS - Electronic Document, Data Management System Solutions

Electronic Document Management Solution (EDMS)

EDMS (Electronic Document Management Solution) is a suite of powerful electronic DMS products with rich features for archiving, managing, indexing and retrieving documents. EDMS comprises of products/tools for Digitization, Scanning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Image Conversions, Electronic Workflow Management, Document Archival, Advanced Search and Email Data Management.
EDMS allows users to electronically store, locate, filter, retrieve, share and track document based information. EDMS can reduce cost and minimize errors with respect to the Document Handling facility of the Client. Thus increasing the profitability of the organization.

Following are some of the features of EMDS:-

  • Windows and web based application
  • Import and export multiple file formats.
  • Active documents, Rich Media, Images Handling.
  • Web Based User Interface.
  • Extended Audit Trails.
  • OCR Settings - View for Scanned/OCRed Text.
  • Import Engine for integration with other business systems.
  • User comments.
  • Area Blocking.
  • Several levels of user Restrictions.
  • Data Backend – client’s choice.
  • Desktop based scan engine.
  • Universal driver support.
  • Configuring scanning source
  • Scanner selection.
  • Configuring Meta-Data-Name, Fields, Tags.
  • Image enhancement Settings and Standard Image Processing
  • Batch import of electronic document and directories, Email Import.
  • Standard Exports – Image, Index, PDF, File System Export.
  • Batch Creator module, Replicator module, Sort module.
  • Digital Signatures

EDMS - Electronic Document, Data Management System Solutions