Secure Document Destruction Services
Our Clients

Every document has a lifecycle, from origination through active, inactive, deep storage and finally to destruction. Destruction of business information is usually mandated by legal regulations as documents bearing such content need to be preserved for a minimum duration of time. There are numerous organizations that rely on professional expertise to manage documentation preservation and destruction schedules within the guidelines as established by law.

SPL brings professional document destruction services to Indian industry in order to help its clients to manage with the proliferation of business documents in recent years. SPL employs a bar code assisted scheduling system that generates electronic alerts automatically to the clients when a document or a set of documents becomes due for destruction.

Subsequent to the email alerts, SPL shall await written instructions and necessary authorizations from its clients to proceed with the destruction of the earmarked documents. SPL employs three principal means to dispose of documents that are under its care.

  • Shredding
  • Pulping
  • Burning or incineration

SPL ensures strict control in its third party document destruction services such that there exists no way by which the original and replicated copies of these documents under its care remain in physical format. Such security is provided to enable the service to function as a robust and reliable option that clients across India can make use of.

Secure document destruction services are crucial for legal compliance and also for safeguarding information theft in an increasingly competitive economy. SPL generates a “Certificate of Destruction” for each third party document that it has destroyed through its services and shares the same with its respective clients such that a record of the existence and lawful destruction of the documents is maintained for any future contingency.