Microfilming Service
Our Clients

Film Based Imaging or microfilm is the safest, longest lasting and most cost-effective way to preserve and protect any kind of information. That is why it is still the medium of choice when used for off-site storage, document reconstruction and long term image preservation

We capture images using specialized microfilms. This service not only provides a permanent backup facility, it is also accepted as a legal document format in a court of law. This allows the destruction of hard copy documents, thus creating space in your offices for more productive purposes.

After transferring documents to microfilm, we provide secure storage of all kinds of documents for our customers. Microfilm technology is consistent and it does not require continual hardware/software upgrades. Contemporary history has shown how difficult it is to keep up with continually changing digital technology is very costly. Microfilms are currently the longest lasting medium available for widespread use with a life expectancy above 100 years.

Microforms may be available in any form, either films or paper, containing micro-reproductions of documents for transmission, storage, reading, and printing. Microform images are commonly reduced about 25 times from the original document size. For special purposes, greater optical reductions may be put to use. There are basically three formats in popular usage, viz. microfilm reels, aperture cards and microfiche or flat sheets of microfilm. Micro-cards, a format that is no longer produced, were similar to microfiche, but printed on cardboard rather than on photographic film.

Microfilming is still the least expensive method available in the document storage industry for creating a space saving document management program while providing an archival source for your records. Microfilms are robust, reliable and cost-effective and provide a solid foundation for scanning to other media.