SHCIL – Hosted Enterprise Content Services
Our Clients

SPL brings to the market a world class third party hosted enterprise content management service for the use of its clients across India. The features of this service are elaborated below for a better appreciation of the degree of leverage that it generates for client businesses to manage documents across their organizations.


Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) consist of a set of products and services that let users electronically store, locate, filter, retrieve, share, publish, and track document-based information throughout the document's life cycle. EDMS’ can reduce costs, minimize errors, and improve the quality of products and services. EDMS’ also help improve productivity, considering the average worker spends half of his or her day working with documents.

SHCIL- EDMS Workflow (Workflow, Document Routing, Reviews, Approvals & Rejections)

The integrated Workflow features of Document Management System will help you manage your documents more effectively than ever. Workflow Management allows you to automate a business process, where a generated document has to be passed from one user to the other via email notifications and task assignments. Each user in the path of the defined work flow votes on the document expressing their views on the completeness and quality of the content. Documents submitted to a workflow cycle, are reviewed by the defined users until the document is either rejected or approved. Users with appropriate access can track these documents and their current statuses.

SHCIL- EDMS Audit Trails

Full Audit Trails are available to track historical work flow activities. Individual elements of the audit trail can be turned on/off as required. The audit trail covers almost any action that is carried out by a user. It is also important to note that, any tasks carried out by user/administrator will also be auditable to ensure there are no backdoors or potential unguarded areas.


Complete Optical Character recognition engine to extract and support full text search facility across images.


Import and export different file formats and data from other data sources and applications.

SHCIL- EDMS Integrate

Integrate the Document management and workflow with your business process application. The integrate interfaces are exposed via Web services.

SHCIL – EDMS Desktop Based Scan Engine

Here comes a solution for your low bandwidth problem. So stop worrying and manage your business effortlessly. To handle large volumes of scanning process, this scan engine can be used. This is a windows application wherein you can scan multiple documents at your convenience and then upload it in the software. Different aspects of this scanning software will be schedule upload, page separation, OCR at scanning level, batch based scanning.

SHCIL – EDMS Web Based Interface

Web based Interface gives you the freedom to perform the desired work from any of the locations. Herein you can capture, store, search and quickly retrieve documents of any format and thus make your business cost efficient.