Digitization Services
Our Clients

SPL provides state-of-the-art services for digitization of records and documents in large organizations. These services are focused to ensure a smooth transition for client organizations which are engaged in the process of moving their physical records to an electronic format.

Digitization services from the stable of SPL comprise of a full featured transition program for documents and physical records that are slated to be stored in digital repositories. The procedure for conversion of physical records to electronic records comprises of the following steps.

  • Document Preparation: Includes the logging and unitization of files
  • Document Scanning: Includes the imaging and conversion process
  • Document Coding: Includes the identification of search and retrieval data
  • Document Indexing: Inclusion of coded data into files and meta-data

SPL had a proven expertise in all the key areas of digitization and has invested considerable resources to advance the technology process such that it can match the most challenging digitization requirements. Some of the significant assignments managed by SPL with regard to delivery of digitization services are listed below.

  • Department of Post
  • Punjab School Education Board
  • Power Grid Corporation of India Limited