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Why preservation of documents is required?

Can you think of a paperless organization?

The answer will definitely be a No.

As much as organizations would like to eliminate paper, it’s pervasive.

Business Documents are vital strategic, financial, operational and intellectual assets that are essential to daily business processes. They contribute the lifeblood of an organization.

Each day, a company’s knowledge worker creates, distributes, print, store, access, share and archive thousands of documents. This proliferation creates a compelling need to ensure that documents are efficiently controlled and managed.

Effectively preserving document assets throughout one complete lifecycle enhances business performance, reduces cost, increases productivity, manages document risk and proactively insulates against risk. Corporate accountability and regulatory compliance combined with surging demand for information also requires physical preservation of documents.

Challenges of On-site preservation of documents

Documents literally rot away in cupboards and other areas. To preserve the physical document at your site you need to look out for the following parameters:

  • Acid free, humidity controlled environment
  • Heat control
  • Light control / Temperature control
  • Pest control and pollutants
  • Acids in papers
  • Plastics and adhesives

Benefits of our Automated Robotic Systems

To address the above issues, SPL has created the new state of the art infrastructure in Mahape, Navi Mumbai with automated robotic systems for handling your valuable documents. With this system we have achieved zero manpower intervention in the handling process.

To get rid from the existing pest and other harmful objects, documents received from your end are first put inside the fumigating chambers and after fumigation the documents are placed in our sophisticated automated systems which already have temperature, humidity and pest controlled environment.

Now your precious documents can be preserved for lifetime.